It's time to act on your big idea.

Validate and grow your business idea with advice from
top business model coaches and lean experts.

We are living through a global entrepreneurial renaissance which represents an incredible opportunity for all of us.

But until now breakout startup stories have been limited to just a few global hotspots.
BOOTSTART's mission is to empower and help create new entrepreneurs and innovators everywhere.


This is an 8-week, intensive online coaching program from Ash Maurya -- author of Running Lean and creator of the Lean Canvas. BOOTSTART is delivered as a combination of short video lessons, group webinars, and one-on-one coaching. The focus is on learning through doing.

You'll learn how to go from idea to early traction (aka paying customers) without wasting more time, money, or effort. The only requirement is that you have an idea (or two) that you want to validate AND are ready to put in the work.

This program is only offered 4 times a year.

Spots are limited to 100 participants.

And you have to apply to get in.

A note from Ash Maurya

In my work with thousands of entrepreneurs around the world, I've seen the same thing again and again:

We are creating more products than ever, but we are still building the wrong products - products that no one wants. I attribute the entrepreneur's love for their idea (AKA solution) as the top contributor to this failure.

BOOTSTART is about a mind shift.
A mind shift that emphasizes falling in love with your customer's problems, not your solution. That is the real secret to building what customers want.

BOOTSTART is about a doing more with less.
Contrary to popular belief, you don't need a lot of resources to find problems worth solving.

BOOTSTART is about right action at the right time.
At any given point at time, there are only a few key actions that stand to drive the greatest impact. Your job is to focus on those and ignore the rest.

This program shows you how.

- Ash
Author of Running Lean and Creator of Lean Canvas

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