The Customer Factory Blueprint


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  1. Thanks, Ash. You simplify everything so well. Yes, I plan to use a staged roll-out for my product. It’s great to know I was on the right track.

  2. I realized partly through watching this video that as a visitor to this page I am actually a potential customer at this website. Acquisition: Ash visited my company and did a presentation. I couldn’t make it so I got his book out of the library. The book took me to this website. Activation (maybe?): my first experience is watching the first video. A great experience for me. Retention: I come back to watch the second video. So I’m spending more time interacting with these ideas and being on this site. Referral: I haven’t yet, but I’d be happy to refer a friend to Ash’s book and to this website. Revenue: I’m aware that Ash is offering classes. While I’m not likely to register, I’m much *more* likely to pay and participate because I keep coming back.

  3. Hi Ash
    I purchased scale lean as a presale, however I cant find worksheets mention in your book, especially for customer factory blueprint (page 137) where can I find them?

  4. Same question as Zarko, below. On page 124 of your book you refer to the worksheet but it doesn’t appear where you link says it should be. Thanks for your response.

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