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The #1 Reason
Why Products Fail

There are two leaps of faith in innovation: Can we build it and will anyone care?

Most products fail not because entrepreneurs fail to build what they set out to build, but because they waste needless time, money, and effort building the wrong product. In other words, they build something nobody wants.

The job of the coach isn’t to give entrepreneurs all the answers but rather to ask the right questions. Rather than providing overly prescriptive tactics that have a limited expiration date, a coach should instead guide the strategy with time tested principles and a toolbox of business model design patterns.

That's what we teach you how to do.

Practice Trumps Theory

Our team is made up of practicing entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, educators, and mentors that span the globe.

That means we consult with many of the top universities, accelerators, and organizations around the world. To date, we have put over 300 teams through this program spanning over 20 countries. But that's not what makes us different.

What sets us apart is that we are first and foremost practicing entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is like a martial art. You can't simply read or teach it, you have to live it. We practice what we teach and the more we coach, the more we learn and share, the better results everyone gets.

The Entrepreneur is the Product

While we'll throw a lots of powerful tools, great actionable content, and behavior changing coaching tactics at you, helping entrepreneurs succeed is our guiding mission.

We like to describe our jobs as building better entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs who can simultaneously think big and rigorously challenge their riskiest assumptions using small fast iterations.

Want to be that kind of coach? If so, read on...

At the earliest stages, entrepreneurs don’t need acceleration
but deceleration.

Your Path to Success

01 Get Trained

Attend a 2-day coach training workshop
Attend a live training workshop where you'll learn the fundamentals of Running and Scaling Lean principles and the systems and processes for putting them into practice.

See the schedule of upcoming workshops here.

Deepen your knowledge
Get access to hours of on-demand training videos and case-studies that go deeper on the methodology and show you how to apply the principles across a wide array of products and domains.

Get hand-ons practice through shadow coaching
The best way to hone your coaching skills is through deliberate practice. Coach teams alongside Ash Maurya until you are ready to move to the next level.

02 Coach

Rollout your own workshops
Leverage our materials to design and run any number of workshops, at any price. There are never any workshop licensing fees except for a "$50 tools+content" bundle per attendee. This bundle includes hardcopies of Running Lean and Scaling Lean books, Lean Canvas templates, and a 90 day trial code for the online LEANSTACK tools.

License the BOOTSTART curriculum
BOOTSTART is a 8-12 week curriculum designed to help entrepreneurs go from idea to early traction (Problem/Solution Fit) that has beed deployed across hundreds of startups, corporate teams, and universities.

Learn more about the curriculum here

As a LEANSTACK coach, you can offer the BOOTSTART curriculum to your clients and use it as a foundation to build other services. A client may be a startup, small business, corporate customer, not-for-profit, university, or accelerator.

03 Level Up Your Game

Get full access to all our tools, content, and training resources including slide decks, webinars, and even early access materials not yet released to the public.

Get listed in our coaches directory and drive new leads.

Meet other like-minded coaches from around the world and level up your skills and potential impact.

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