You've tried building products the traditional way. Now try something different.

Deconstruct your idea. Build what customers want.
Raise your odds of success.

When entrepreneurs get hit by an idea they either rush towards building out their solution or rush towards finding investors. Both of these approaches take a lot of time and energy, and can be overwhelming. They are also backwards.

You don't need permission from investors (or anyone) to start your business.
And yes, it is possible to find traction before building out your product.
BOOTSTART shows you how.

Noah Kagan

Ash has laid out a clear compass for anyone to validate their ideas, solve real problems and create a successful business. I'd encourage Running Lean to anyone trying to get a business off the ground.

Noah Kagan, Appsumo

The #1 Reason
Why Products Fail

There was a study that was conducted on a 1,000 startups in Silicon Valley that failed. All of these companies had a business plan, raised money from investors, and recruited a team that built out the exact product they had intended to build.

Yet, they still failed.

They failed not because they failed to build what they set out to build, but because they failed to find the right customers and market for their product.

In other words, they wasted needless time, money, and effort building the wrong product.

I attribute the entrepreneur’s, often unbridled and singular, passion for the solution as the top contributor to this failure. People place too much emphasis on the original idea but studies conducted on product success and failure tell a different story. It has been statistically shown that most initial ideas don't work as anticipated. Rather, what separates successful entrepreneurs isn't starting with that perfect idea (or Plan A) but finding a plan that works before running out of resources. That last part is key.

"Okay", I hear you saying, "while that makes sense, how do I do that?"

The True Job
of an Entrepreneur

Building a successful product is fundamentally about risk mitigation. Investors don't care about your solution but the viability of your business model. Customers don't care about your solution either but solving their problems.
The true job of an entrepreneur then is not just building out your solution, but rather systematically de-risking your idea over time. The true product is NOT the solution, but a working business model.

The first step is finding a problem worth solving even before committing yourself to implementing a solution. Yes, it is possible to test your idea with customers and even get them to want to pay before building the actual product.

Practice Trumps Theory

Our team is made up of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, educators, and mentors that span the globe.

That means we consult with many of the top universities, accelerators, and organizations around the world. But that's not what makes us differnt.

What sets us apart is that we are first and foremost entrepreneurs just like you.

We practice what we teach and the more we coach, the more we learn, the better results everyone gets.

Ty Richardson

I consider signing up to his coaching program as one of the best business decisions I've made. The one-on-one time we spent each week gave me confidence to manage the development of my concept, allowed me ask questions, discuss and even debate approaches that would make me successful. This program delivered what was promised and then more.

Ty Richardson, YoPro Global

A note from Ash Maurya

Hi - I am the founder of Spark59, author of
the international best-selling book Running Lean, and creator of Lean Canvas.

I generally split my time between working on my own products in my home city of Austin, TX and traveling around the world teaching other entrepreneurs how to raise their odds of success. I've been fortunate to have been able to work with thousands of entrepreneurs over the last 4 years by way of the workshops and bootcamps I teach which has given me some unique perspectives that I'd like to share with you today...

First, I've found entrepreneurs everywhere I've gone which is very exciting. While we may all look different and speak different languages, we all share the same goals, aspirations, challenges, and fears. What I find even more exciting is that, for the first time in history, we all, more or less, have access to the same tools, knowledge, and training. Thanks to the internet, and technologies enabled by open source and cloud computing, there has been no time better than the present to launch a new product or start a new business - cheaper and faster than ever before.

I truly believe we are going through a global entrepreneurial renaissance which represents an incredible opportunity for all of us.

But, there is a dark cloud in all of this.

While we are building more products than ever before, the sad reality is that the success rate of these products hasn't changed much. The odds are still heavily stacked against starting a new business and most of these products will unfortunately fail. And that's a real problem because we pour a lot of our time, money, and effort into these products. Especially for a first-time entrepreneur these failures can be a real setback both emotionally and also financially.

The good news is that a lot of these big bang failures can be outright avoided and instead replaced with a more systematic approach to building successful products.

That's what this program is about.

If you are ready to stop wasting needless time, money, and effort building stuff nobody wants, I promise you the Bootstart team of mentors and I will personally help you get there.

Look forward to seeing you in class...

Ash Maurya
Founder of Spark59 and Author of Running Lean

Ready to bring your bold new idea into this world?

Life is too short to build something nobody wants.