Learn How to Define, Measure, and Achieve What Everyone Wants - AKA Traction (and get a copy of my next book: Scaling Lean)

Whether it's getting the green light on a new venture, or securing an additional round of funding, entrepreneurs are constantly faced with the challenge of demonstrating progress to their stakeholders.

The term stakeholder is loosely defined here to include anyone with a vested interest in your business idea. This could be an investor, corporate sponsor, spouse - even yourself.

Remember that while ideas are cheap, acting on them can consume years of your life.

Up until now, we have typically relied on two measures of progress: how much stuff we're building and how much money we are making. Both of these are unreliable proxies of progress that can lead us down the wrong path of building something nobody wants.

In this 2-day workshop, you’ll learn how to focus on a single metric that all stakeholders want - aka TRACTION. Further, you’ll learn how to use this metric to build a traction model, and identify the bottlenecks or constraints holding you back.