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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.What is a Product?

    A.A “Product” is a collection of canvases, strategies and experiments that can be shared between collaborators. Product is used to discover a working business model and can be used for the physical product, SaaS app, service, or experience which you will use to deliver customer value.

  • Q.Who can be a Collaborator?

    A.A Collaborator may be anyone you would like to share your Product with – such as your team members or a mentor/advisor.  Once invited via email, Collaborators will able to view, comment, and edit your Product lean canvases, strategy proposals, and experiments.  If you want to share but not allow to Collaborators to edit, you may download a PDF of your work to share.

  • Q.What is a Lean Canvas?

    A.The Lean Canvas is an entrepreneur-focused adaptation of a Business Model Canvas that is as actionable as possible. It allows you quickly discover the model around the problem that you are solving by addressing most common risks.

  • Q.What is an Experiment? What is a Strategy?

    A.An Experiment is an assumption on how your product will behave after you implement the change to it, measurement of the outcome of that change and a follow up analysis of that outcome. A Strategy is a collection of experiments created to achieve a specific goal. It allows whole team to focus on solving the same goal while leaving them to be creative about their approach.

  • Q.How do I learn how to use the Leanstack tools?

    A.The best way to get started with the Leanstack tools and methodologies is to watch the video under Coaching > Innovators Roadmap. The Innovator’s Roadmap will help you understand why most products fail, how to capture your business model in 20 minutes, and how to win by making customers happy.  All trainings based on the proven practices Ash Maurya has used build, measure, and learn in his own companies as well as tested with the companies, universities, accelerators and entrepreneurs he has mentored around the world.

  • Q.Who can benefit from using the Lean Canvas?

    A.Lean Canvas was designed for entrepreneurs, however will work for anyone who wants to test a big idea. Ash and his team have used Lean Canvas successfully from ideation to Product/Market Fit (and beyond) with entrepreneurs, startups, universities, accelerators, and companies around the world . The risks captured on Lean Canvas aren’t just early stage risks but morph and evolve throughout the startup lifecycle. Lean Canvas is heavily “problem focused”. Both the canvas and methodology emphasize understanding the problem as a requisite first step.

  • Q.Is my information secure?

    A.Yes, your information is protected with SSL security.  No one will be able to see your Products unless you have invited them as a Collaborator.

  • Q.What happens to my work if I cancel or after my free trial?

    A.If you cancel a paid plan or your free trial ends, you will still have access to unlimited lean canvases for 1 Product. you Strategy proposals and experiments are only available with paid plans.  All the information from any other Products will be saved should you want to resume your paid account in the future.

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