Running Lean Overview

Lesson 1: Why Products Fail?
Lesson 2: Capture Your Business Model in 20 minutes
Lesson 3: Running Lean Roadmap
Lesson 4: Running Lean Illustrated
Lesson 5: Run Lean with any Product

10 responses to “Basics”

  1. Hey this is great – just wondering at the end of lesson 5 we are asked to create a validation strategy. Does this mean we should create experiments on each canvas we created? And does this correspond to chapter 5 in your eBook Running Lean – get ready to experiment?

  2. Hi John – click on “mark as completed” at the bottom of the video, and you will be able to access the next course. Free content is restricted to the “Basics” and “Business modeling” courses (and lessons within). Highly recommend the Bootstart course, where you get full access + couching

  3. Hi, you need to complete all items in Lesson 1. Make sure yo select “Mark as complete” after each video.

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