Time is our scarcest resource. Whenever possible aim to maximize your return on experiments for time.

Here is a list of tools we use ourselves and recommend.


  • A few of the links below are affiliate links that will get you better pre-negotiated pricing.
  • This is not an exhaustive list of all tools out there but rather a curated list of what use ourselves.
  • If you'd like to suggest a tool, please mention it in the comments below.


Mockup Tools

Keynote - I live in Keynote (for obvious reasons) and use it for a lot more than just presentations. Tools below help turn it into a mockup and storyboarding tool.

Keynotopia - Use Keynote and Powerpoint to create high fidelity demos.

Balsamiq - Wireframing and storyboarding. Great for customer workflow diagrams.

Illustrator/Photoshop - More standard software from Adobe.






Landing Page Tools

Unbounce - Build, publish, and A/B test landing pages quickly. Template based. Does not have wordpress integration which is not a big issue for everyone.

Lead Pages - The fastest way to start collecting email addresses. Tried and proven templates but not modifiable by design. WordPress integration is big plus if you are building on it.

OptimizePress: WordPress plugin that lets you create landing pages fast using great looking templates.

QuickMVP: Other than the fact that I have a different definiton of MVP, I have not used it yet in a real-setting - but looks promising.



Email Service Providers

Aweber: The goto standard for internet marketers. Great email deliverability and basic auto-responders that work.

Mailchimp: A much better designed product than aweber but has some stricter rules on autoresponders and who you email.

Infusionsoft: A much more expensive product that either and more applicable when you start creating many sub-lists for deeper customer segmentation. Until then, start with aweber or mailchimp based on which one appeals to you.




Google Analytics: The default standard place to start.

Visual Website Optimizer: A great A/B testing tool for web pages.

USERcycle: Our own cohort based lifecycle messaging tool. Of course, biased here.



Video Hosting

Wistia: Expensive but great video analytics, embedding, and transcription. All CFB videos are hosted here.

Youtube: Best for public videos where you want to be found.

Vimeo: A cheaper hosting option than Wistia. Don't pay for bandwidth but not as many features.



Customer Support

SupportBee: A simple tool that doesn't get in your way. Uses email as basic interface and doesn't add annoying headers to customer experience like other tools e.g. Zendesk.



Team Coordination



Google Hangouts